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The retro computer and consoles scores archive project is a product of months of hard work and patience, now your feedback is required too put the "icing on the cake" we’re thrilled to finally reveal our new project.. Regular monthly competitions are now running. :) Commodore 64 competition games can now be played online using any java enabled browser.


Retro Computer Scene Web Drive.

Need to share or archive remotely your retro computer files, whether forever or for a limited period, don’t fall back on to those ugly sites covered in adverts, spamm, expiry dates or trackers. Providing you have access to a web browser you’ll find it easy to get your files uploaded and shared using The Retro Computer Scenes webdrive, to  Share, Archive or Link your retro computer files for use on your favorite forum, sites or email them to your contacts using our custom email client. Enjoy access to our Commodore 8bit disk image manipulator to edit many popular disk images like .d64 .d71 .d81 and other cbm8bit file images

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Consider adding your site and the Banner Exchange to promote your site to the retro community while muturally assisting other related sites, you can register your site and upload a banner image (with a resolution of around 468x60). Your banner will be served on all websites participating in the banner exchange service.

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How to use our retro computer files Search?
Simply enter the file name to find! Searching is NOT case sensitive (usually a complete or a partial name of the file you are searching for) in the "Search Bar" and press the "Search" button. Then, you get the results. Please note that the search engine now also search's the contents of the disk images. For example, if you are searching for a file inside a .d64 image you can now do so.

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The Retro Computer & Consoles Forums. A place to chat about the scores project and leave news on your favorit consol or retro computer Join The Retro Computer & Console Forums today.

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Retro Computer Scene Weblinks. A extensive list of online retro computer web sites with useful content, users now have the ability too submitting their own favorite web sites. Join cbm8bit and add your web-links today.

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Commodore magazines & books.

Forum for Hacking, Coding and Development of C= 8bit Hardware and Software.

Games, SID, Emulation, Front ends, Reviews and Articles.

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