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Game Name Score Score Submitter Comment Submittion time:
Zamzara 945175 uridimine Get well soon gz. Sounds painful! 2016-03-12
Pooyan 258150 yaztromo Thanks! 2015-11-27
Zynaps 20500 stooart Welcome stoo :) 2015-08-21
Commando Arcade 17250 stooart Feels like ages since zaps been about. It's okay.. 2015-08-21
Ridge Racer yaztromo Google for ridger racer pal iso. The first link.. 2015-08-18
Frogger '93 39778 virtualele Wow. That's put us all to shame. Well played. 2015-08-16
Buggy Boy (Offroad) 90120 marakatti 90k broken :-O 2015-08-16
Ridge Racer yaztromo ePSXe with Pete's OpenGL2 plugin seems like the.. 2015-08-16
Frogger '93 22845 gameznut I thought I was still on the top for this game... 2015-08-05
Outrun 4544670 marakatti Hehe. 2015-08-05
Le Mans 237260 virtualele Oops no I'm wrong. Almost the exact same score ;) 2015-08-03
Le Mans 237260 virtualele LOL. Exactly the same score as reflectiveroot. We.. 2015-08-03
Pinball Spectacular 70940 el_pasi I have this cartridge but sadly it's broken :( 2015-08-02
H.E.R.O. 192231 thrash75 Nice score! 2015-07-31
Stunt Car Racer - The Little Ramp el_pasi Not tried to fastest time this track yet. Will.. 2015-07-28
Marble Madness 49300 gameznut Use the firebutton for extra speed liberally if.. 2015-07-19
Super Street Fighter 2 944000 mitchfrenzal Cool. I should have a go at this soon. Always.. 2015-07-09
Ghosts N Goblins Arcade 17500 mitchfrenzal What level did you get to? :) 2015-06-23
Ms. Pac-Man 52790 howlinalan That's a really sweet setup. It looks like you.. 2015-06-21
Fantastic Journey 275600 mitchfrenzal Hah! Thanks Mitch. Will check it out :). BTW.. 2015-05-27
Tazz 27900 mitchfrenzal The title music is very Minter-esque 2015-05-27
Tazz 27900 mitchfrenzal Tried for ages to beat your score the other.. 2015-05-26
Westworld 26700 hammerhead This is a score I'm never going to try and beat.. 2015-05-26
Axelay 72180 yaztromo Okay tried U.N. Squadron. You're right it's.. 2015-05-25
Axelay 72180 yaztromo Will do. Only got into the SNES recently now I.. 2015-05-25