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Game Name Score Score Submitter Comment Submittion time:
Santron 100900 dony I think Sarah also composed the music. Very.. 2019-12-23
Citadel 138618 uridimine You know a lot my friend, Morpheus is a classic. 2019-03-13
Space Taxi 95019 mindless It's crazy that you can score more point's.. 2019-03-11
Uridium+ 67225 el_pasi When the 'Land Now' signal appears you have to.. 2018-10-05
Uridium+ 67225 el_pasi The 'Land Now' signal does still appear it's just.. 2018-09-24
Uridium+ 67225 el_pasi Is it me or do the enemies seem to be more.. 2018-09-12
Firefly 509200 uridimine I'm with you there mitch. Such a shame, with a.. 2018-08-21
Sigma 7 127070 uridimine It's definitely a strange one but once you figure.. 2018-03-15
Sub Hunter 210500 uridimine Thanks, yes my PAL C64c . It's a great game,.. 2018-03-14
Cobra (Ocean) 48100 uridimine You might think I am crazy but I actually don't.. 2017-11-15
Galencia 823100 hammerhead Nice scoring Hammerhead. Will have to have.. 2017-08-29
Sanxion 9200 the_rza I have always liked this game. A no nonsense hard.. 2017-08-11
Galactic (Xmas Edition) 1275570 mitchfrenzal Vaguely remember this. Was it by Stavros.. 2017-07-28
Super Ski (Bear Mountain) 6900 uridimine Yes it is. The standard of games in the compo.. 2017-05-25
Outrun 4327490 uridimine Cheers gameznut, great run yourself. Yes it.. 2016-08-26
Photon Storm 661140 mitchfrenzal Nice score mitch. I have to confess that I have.. 2016-06-22
Zynaps 82275 gameznut Think it is the music from Enigma Force by Fred.. 2016-05-16
Delta 134140 uridimine Yeah sure does help. Lost some speed and had no.. 2016-04-21
Zamzara 203785 mitchfrenzal I quite like the fact that you only get a decent.. 2016-03-06
Beamrider 61648 uridimine Nice to see more scores submitted for this months.. 2016-02-21
Beamrider 87040 mitchfrenzal That is a great score and this is a great game... 2016-02-21
Space Taxi 83582 gameznut Nice score gameznut. Thought I was going to win.. 2016-01-25
Armalyte 11321400 uridimine Ha Ha only just noticed this comment. That would.. 2015-11-16
Zamzara 945615 uridimine Not completed, think I made it to around level.. 2015-11-16
Trance Sector Ultimate 26010 uridimine He has certainly made a lot of games. The best.. 2015-06-08