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Game Name Score Score Submitter Comment Submittion time:
Wicked 222752 mitchfrenzal Zappy, The new forums have broken, I'm not sure.. 2018-01-05
Pastfinder 12500 v-12_tropyx Also, Those extra thingies you can use, Stop.. 2017-12-26
Pastfinder 12500 v-12_tropyx That happens, So you've got to do more stages to.. 2017-12-24
International Karate Ultimate 20900 mitchfrenzal And a comment so it shows up on the ticker, So.. 2017-12-06
Humphrey 3000 endurion I'm sure I had this in a package with some other.. 2017-12-05
Pastfinder 12500 v-12_tropyx .. 2017-11-26
Pastfinder 12500 v-12_tropyx The aim is to get to the top of the map, The.. 2017-11-26
Cobra (Ocean) 48100 uridimine .. 2017-11-21
Cobra (Ocean) 48100 uridimine Not a touch on the seminal ZX version though. :) 2017-11-15
Rolling Thunder 48450 el_pasi I would tell them, But I don't seem to have my.. 2017-11-09
Galencia 1188100 zachcollier Archer Maclean's ultra quick C64 defender-esque.. 2017-11-05
Galencia 1188100 zachcollier God help us all if you get into Dropzone. :P 2017-10-26
Rolling Thunder 48450 el_pasi I need to test it myself first, I think people.. 2017-10-25
Rolling Thunder 48450 el_pasi I will look into that bug, And warn Glenn about.. 2017-10-17
Super Cycle 196700 motochris I always loved this thing too. First one to a.. 2017-10-17
Talladega 51034 motochris I can pit, And I'm still 20k down. :) 2017-10-17
Super Cycle 196700 motochris Good work. :) 2017-10-15
Comic Bakery 49090 mitchfrenzal I know, I haven't played it in ages. :) 2017-10-08
Test Drive 2 - The Duel 72963 mitchfrenzal You're probably right, I've done one of the.. 2017-10-02
Tombstones - Retirement Day 1697 virtualele Unsuprisingly enough, My highscore is around 300... 2017-10-01
1942 73900 mh2o It's about time someone did over 50k on this... 2017-09-25
Tombstones - Retirement Day 1697 virtualele I totally have this, I just haven't gotten around.. 2017-09-25
Sanxion 9200 the_rza The loader is awesome, Well worth it just for.. 2017-08-08
Super Wonderboy in Monsterland 75930 poulpc I think I do too, I just forget how to use it. :) 2017-08-01
Galactic (Xmas Edition) 1275570 mitchfrenzal Not that important, No need for talent. :) 2017-07-31