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Game Name Score Score Submitter Comment Submittion time:
Duck Shoot 3003 hammerhead Given that I am a Sout mark, I can tell you that.. 2018-12-07
Thrust 19950 el_pasi It's not bad, I remember the music being awful.. 2018-12-06
Street Surfer 13040 spider You get our forum up, And I'll be there. <3 2018-11-30
Return Of The Jedi 45164 el_pasi You're better off starting at easy, (Stage 1), As.. 2018-11-28
Pinball Spectacular 123770 hammerhead WD40 works too. :P 2018-11-28
James Pond - Underwater Agent 11832720 el_pasi Nice work, That man! 2018-11-07
Tutti Frutti 14326 mitchfrenzal There you go, Totally my fault. :) 2018-10-16
Uridium+ 67225 el_pasi You can land at any time, That is kind of the.. 2018-09-25
Uridium+ 67225 el_pasi I'm guessing it's to balance the no waiting for.. 2018-09-19
Great American Road Race (LA to NY) spider That is fast, Good work. :) 2018-09-10
Yoshi's Cookie 29550 mitchfrenzal Not ZSNES, Snes9x, Sorry. <3 2018-08-28
Montezuma's Revenge 199400 v-12_tropyx I'm cool with it, As I said, Someone has to.. 2018-08-28
Radar Rat Race 85980 spider I'm happy, That other than the colour scheme,.. 2018-08-23
Firefly 509200 uridimine I haven't looked at that, I may give it a twirl.. 2018-08-22
Firefly 509200 uridimine The stupid reaction subgame too. I hated that. :) 2018-08-13
WEC Le Mans 82580 el_pasi The ZX version is 100x better. ;) 2018-07-20
BMX Air Master 28522 mitchfrenzal I like this, Kind of like an early Tony.. 2018-07-02
Radar Rat Race 76320 spider That is the japanese MAX cartridge version, I.. 2018-07-02
Hellgate 15772 el_pasi I think they know it doesn't work, I'm fairly.. 2018-06-11
Batman The Movie 242100 marakatti Yeah, Good to have you back, I dropped a bunch of.. 2018-06-11
Bomb Jack 482650 kernzy When will Kernzy take on Bomb Jack : Beer.. 2018-06-07
Amber 17171 spider I didn't know until this point that Spider was.. 2018-06-01
Paradroid 90 71455 mitchfrenzal That is one of the joys of this version, With the.. 2018-06-01
Paradroid 90 71455 mitchfrenzal This is without the transfer game on, If I can be.. 2018-05-28
Bomb Jack Beer Edition 174770 mitchfrenzal Enemies are a bit quick, But other than that,.. 2018-05-25