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Game Name Score Score Submitter Comment Submittion time:
Robocop 2910 el_pasi Can't have this, Will post hints. The best way to.. 2018-03-16
Sigma 7 127070 uridimine I could never get anywhere with this, Good work,.. 2018-03-15
Mikie 113100 mitchfrenzal What was more frustrating, Is that I scored that.. 2018-03-02
Mikie 113100 mitchfrenzal That's on the third run-through, If you wondered... 2018-03-02
Muncher Eats Chewits, The 57745 mitchfrenzal For the record, Chewits were amazing. :) 2018-02-13
Antiriad 2315 endurion Good work, I nearly did it once, But not quite. :) 2018-02-12
Legend of Kage 56000 el_pasi This needs a redux, The fact you can't throw.. 2018-02-09
Mad Gear 1064705 mitchfrenzal Not that any of us can play Mad Gear that well... 2018-02-09
Mad Gear 315 mkadutskyi Capcom in-joke. The gang in Final Fight are also.. 2018-02-01
Mad Gear 315 mkadutskyi That is the arcade version, The C64 conversion is.. 2018-01-29
Aztec Challenge 7570 v-12_tropyx You can't lose on phase 1. When you get to phase.. 2018-01-26
Pole Position 46690 mitchfrenzal Erm. Zappy, Your forum might work better, If you.. 2018-01-19
Wicked 222752 mitchfrenzal Zappy, The new forums have broken, I'm not sure.. 2018-01-06
Pastfinder 12500 v-12_tropyx Also, Those extra thingies you can use, Stop.. 2017-12-27
Pastfinder 12500 v-12_tropyx That happens, So you've got to do more stages to.. 2017-12-25
International Karate Ultimate 20900 mitchfrenzal And a comment so it shows up on the ticker, So.. 2017-12-07
Humphrey 3000 endurion I'm sure I had this in a package with some other.. 2017-12-06
Pastfinder 12500 v-12_tropyx .. 2017-11-27
Pastfinder 12500 v-12_tropyx The aim is to get to the top of the map, The.. 2017-11-27
Cobra (Ocean) 48100 uridimine .. 2017-11-22
Cobra (Ocean) 48100 uridimine Not a touch on the seminal ZX version though. :) 2017-11-16
Rolling Thunder 48450 el_pasi I would tell them, But I don't seem to have my.. 2017-11-10
Galencia 1188100 zachcollier Archer Maclean's ultra quick C64 defender-esque.. 2017-11-06
Galencia 1188100 zachcollier God help us all if you get into Dropzone. :P 2017-10-27
Rolling Thunder 48450 el_pasi I need to test it myself first, I think people.. 2017-10-26