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Game Name Score Score Submitter Comment Submittion time:
Hellgate 15772 el_pasi I think they know it doesn't work, I'm fairly.. 2018-06-11
Batman The Movie 242100 marakatti Yeah, Good to have you back, I dropped a bunch of.. 2018-06-11
Bomb Jack 482650 kernzy When will Kernzy take on Bomb Jack : Beer.. 2018-06-07
Amber 17171 spider I didn't know until this point that Spider was.. 2018-06-01
Paradroid 90 71455 mitchfrenzal That is one of the joys of this version, With the.. 2018-06-01
Paradroid 90 71455 mitchfrenzal This is without the transfer game on, If I can be.. 2018-05-28
Bomb Jack Beer Edition 174770 mitchfrenzal Enemies are a bit quick, But other than that,.. 2018-05-25
Paradroid 90 13275 el_pasi Oh, And if you want to score high, Turn the.. 2018-05-24
Paradroid 90 13275 el_pasi This is one of my fave 16-bit games, Expect this.. 2018-05-24
Dugger 40580 mitchfrenzal Used to be able to do much more than 100k on.. 2018-05-22
Ms. Pac-Man 60130 zachcollier I've banged my ribs up lately, So if I can tear.. 2018-05-09
Ms. Pac-Man 60130 zachcollier Can't mess with this, I played so much of this.. 2018-05-05
Alien Breed Special Edition '92 143100 mikeyg Good work, Can't mess with that. :) 2018-04-24
Zalagan 12870 el_pasi Ah, Yeah, And you never know, He may actually let.. 2018-04-13
Zalagan 12870 el_pasi Ah, Maybe Zappy can edit it? 2018-04-12
Zalagan 12870 el_pasi I'm sure that this is named "Zalaga". :) 2018-04-12
Saboteur 2 - Avenging Angel 21460 mitchfrenzal I cannot see why I didn't like this at the time,.. 2018-04-06
Robocop 2910 el_pasi Can't have this, Will post hints. The best way to.. 2018-03-16
Sigma 7 127070 uridimine I could never get anywhere with this, Good work,.. 2018-03-15
Mikie 113100 mitchfrenzal What was more frustrating, Is that I scored that.. 2018-03-02
Mikie 113100 mitchfrenzal That's on the third run-through, If you wondered... 2018-03-02
Muncher Eats Chewits, The 57745 mitchfrenzal For the record, Chewits were amazing. :) 2018-02-13
Antiriad 2315 endurion Good work, I nearly did it once, But not quite. :) 2018-02-12
Legend of Kage 56000 el_pasi This needs a redux, The fact you can't throw.. 2018-02-09
Mad Gear 1064705 mitchfrenzal Not that any of us can play Mad Gear that well... 2018-02-09