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  1. el_pasi - 1706 scores
  2. mitchfrenzal - 766 scores
  3. spider - 533 scores
  4. ralph_wiggum - 312 scores
  5. gameznut - 204 scores
  6. plus4punk - 141 scores
  7. mindless - 125 scores
  8. yaztromo - 120 scores
  9. virtualele - 116 scores
  10. endurion - 111 scores
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  1. Tapper - 45 scores
  2. Outrun - 37 scores
  3. Beamrider - 35 scores
  4. Ghosts N Goblins Arcade - 34 scores
  5. Le Mans - 31 scores
  6. Galencia - 29 scores
  7. Thrust - 26 scores
  8. C64anabalt - 24 scores
  9. Zynaps - 23 scores
  10. River Raid - 21 scores

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