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Highscore for: Lode Runner (C64)

  • 28/05/2020
    Score: 1346275
    Player: curtisdcx
    Game info: Brøderbund version 150 levels, bonus life for each level completed.
    System: c64 mini--Lode Runner.d64
    Comment: Level 123 achieved without cheats or save states. Played as the game would be on disk. Hid in safe spots to pause the game overnight (took a few days). 2 scores > 2milion on screenshot obtained with save states (for practice)
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    R | zzap : Well done :) Lode Runner is still my favorite game.

    R | ofreeze : By using save states and hiding spots overnight, this isn’t legit. Play it through in one sitting and show a full video, or really you should remove this score.