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Highscore for: Phoenix (2600)

  • 18/08/2019
    Score: 56250
    Player: omargeddon
    Game info: Dip Switches B/B Novice
    System: Atari 2600 Original Hardware
    Joystick/Keyboard: Joystick Original
    Legit rating: Voting to date has this score's apparent legitimacy at ??? (3 more votes required!)

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    R | hammerhead : Great score. I can only reach 30000 but your longplay has given me a few tips!

    R | mitchfrenzal : Good lord, Don't start him off about videos again. :) Welcome back Hammer. By the way. :)

    R | hammerhead : Hey mitch, I've been away a long time and don't know the issue about videos! Thanks for the welcome back though, that's very kind.

    R | mitchfrenzal : He accused us all of "cheating" because we don't often post videos, Then we watched some of his, And watched him cheat in them. So. You know. :)