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Highscore for: Armalyte (C64)

  • 05/04/2015
    Score: 11321400
    Player: uridimine
    Game info: Psytronik Competition Edition
    System: Real Hardware, 1541 Ultimate
    Joystick/Keyboard: Zipstik
    Comment: Managed to complete this awesome game at last. Had only one life on the final boss. Nearly lost my nerve there.
    Legit rating: Voting to date has this score's apparent legitimacy at 100% not legit

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    R | zzap : How about we have a complete Trophy ? if it's voted by players that a player has completed a game. ? Maybe someone could create a Trophy image and email it to me to use..

    R | yaztromo : This game is rock hard. Anyone who completes this deserves a free Amiga 4000 and a letter from the Queen.

    R | uridimine : Ha Ha only just noticed this comment. That would be nice reward especially the Amiga 4000. Completing Armalyte takes a lot out of you but my score pales in comparison to the ones in the Lemon compo a few years back. Read an interview with Robin Levy and he said that he and the other members of Cyberdyne did nine loops of the game. Whoa! I wonder what score that was.

    R | mitchfrenzal : Good work, I could never get anywhere with this, (see also : Delta) :)

    R | zzap : OK a letter from the Queen seems to be the deal breaker sorry i just can't convince her..