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Highscore for: Xadium (C16-plus4)

  • 28/05/2019
    Score: 24389
    Player: mitchfrenzal
    Game info:
    System: Yape
    Joystick/Keyboard: Hiro Fight Stick
    Legit rating: Voting to date has this score's apparent legitimacy at ??? (3 more votes required!)

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    R | plus4punk : Hi, what version of this game do you have? By my cassette game you can't see a highscore after I played it!? There is only show a score while I playing. I reached approx 36.000, but it isn't possible to make a photo.

    R | plus4punk : Ah sorry, I found the highscore. I must wait a moment...

    R | mitchfrenzal : Just hold around on the title screen, it'll come. :)

    R | mitchfrenzal : Gives you chance to listen to the (suprisingly decent for a c16) music. :P

    R | plus4punk : Ok, thanks! Yes the music sounds good! I came to the second level ... but from there it will be difficult.