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Highscore for: Ridge Racer Revolution (Novice) (PS-1)

  • 20/05/2019
    Score time: 179.246 seconds
    Player: hammerhead
    Game info: Original release
    System: Original disc on PS2
    Joystick/Keyboard: Namco neGcon
    Comment: As with Ridge Racer, beat the loading game to unlock cars.
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    R | mitchfrenzal : There's a cheat to unlock the cars, It gives you a homing laser during the Galaga '88 loading scene.

    R | mitchfrenzal : "When the bonus game plays (Galaga '88) hold L1 + R1 + Triangle + Select + Down. A laser blast will shoot all the aliens for a perfect score. Because of this all the cars will be miniaturized. "

    R | mitchfrenzal : I'm sure if you save the data, Then come back and reload, The cars go normal size, And you still have the cars unlocked.

    R | hammerhead : Cheers mate, I didn't know any of that!