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Highscore for: Galencia (C64)

  • tapsmcgillicuddy previous scores:
    1054900 1219900 1335450
    Score: 1112500
    Player: tapsmcgillicuddy
    Game info: V1.4 NTSC
    System: C64 (Breadbin) NTSC
    Joystick/Keyboard: Custom
    Comment: First time beating the game with the new high score. It was a close one!
    Legit rating: Voting to date has this score's apparent legitimacy at 100% not legit

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    R | zachcollier : Amazing score, and getting higher all the time! Keep catching those stars for big points!

    R | bedroomcoder : Are you going to let Zach beat you, just like that?

    R | zachcollier : Yes, he is.

    R | tapsmcgillicuddy : No!!!!!! Just a few strategic adjustments, a little more tapping in the star stages, and some much faster tapping when the bee's turn into the jumping green guy. Np np, as soon as I'm back in the office next week i'll have the trophy back. BTW Zach, maybe you should tweet a picture of our travelling office Galencia Trophy.

    R | bedroomcoder : Wow You guys have a trophy ;)

    R | zachcollier : Yes, we have a custom Galencia trophy!