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Highscore for: Galencia (C64)

  • zachcollier previous scores:
    1188100 1273950 1296000 1322850
    Score: 977450
    Player: zachcollier
    Game info: v1.4 NTSC (digital download)
    System: Commodore 64 (breadbin) and sd2iec on Commodore 1702 NTSC monitor
    Joystick/Keyboard: Homemade arcade stick using knockoff Sanwa joystick and buttons. Simple and fair - no turbo fire or any other tricks.
    Comment: Great game! See my friend, Steven's, higher score of 1,054,900 in my screenshot. I'll get him to post his own score here soon!
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    R | tapsmcgillicuddy : First in our office to beat the game, mega props to this guy!

    R | zachcollier : Thanks! Galencia is awesome. It stops after level 50, so if you're going to set a great score, you need to do it within those 50 stages. It's easier to beat the final boss if you play it safe on the asteroid field stages and save up your extra ships.