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Highscore for: Galencia (C64)

  • naufr4g0 previous scores:
    Score: 1068800
    Player: naufr4g0
    Game info: v1.4 pal (digital download)
    System: Commodore 64 (breadbin) and sd2iec on CRT TV.
    Joystick/Keyboard: Competition Pro
    Legit rating: Voting to date has this score's apparent legitimacy at 100% not legit

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    R | hammerhead : Great score! But damn, I owe you a beer...

    R | naufr4g0 : A pint of stout, please! :D

    R | zachcollier : Time to bring out the Competition Pro again and take back the top slot!! You can do it!

    R | zzap : Nice scores players :)