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Highscore for: Jr. Pac-Man (C64)

  • el_pasi previous scores:
    Score: 44970
    Player: el_pasi
    Game info: Stage = 1, Level = normal. SU-crack.
    System: Turbo Chameleon 64 v1
    Joystick/Keyboard: Monster Joystick
    Comment: Good pac-man-game.
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    R | mitchfrenzal : I keep meaning to do something with this, I keep forgetting. :)

    R | el_pasi : Now there would be proper time, since you've already completed Woodys World? :-)

    R | mitchfrenzal : Trying to finish Persona3FES after my friend said it was near impossible. :) I might be in the mood for Pacmans after that. :)