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Highscore for: Uridium+ (C64)

  • el_pasi previous scores:
    Score: 67225
    Player: el_pasi
    Game info: Remember-version
    System: C64 Reloaded + 1541 Ultimate 2
    Joystick/Keyboard: Competition Pro
    Legit rating: Voting to date has this score's apparent legitimacy at ??? (3 more votes required!)

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    R | uridimine : Is it me or do the enemies seem to be more aggressive in this version.

    R | el_pasi : I guess you're right :) I recall that at least the first few levels of "normal" Uridium feel easier than U+ and enemies don't shoot so much.

    R | mitchfrenzal : I'm guessing it's to balance the no waiting for the land now signal, Which means you could just hang around blasting them, If they weren't so aggressive. :)

    R | uridimine : The 'Land Now' signal does still appear it's just that you can land before it appears in this version. So I guess that makes my comment that you can land at anytime wrong.

    R | mitchfrenzal : You can land at any time, That is kind of the point. <3

    R | uridimine : When the 'Land Now' signal appears you have to land otherwise it is certain death as there are a couple of super fast aggressive enemies that will appear and obliterate you.

    R | mitchfrenzal : The enemy craft are faster than normal Uridium, And they fire more often, That combo makes them double deadly compared to the old version.