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Jack Attack

Highscore is 10244
endurion in 1st place

Jack the Nipper 2

Highscore is 47740
el_pasi in 1st place (1 other follows)

Jail Break (Konami)

Highscore is 52500
el_pasi in 1st place

Jake The Snake

Highscore is 11363
hammerhead in 1st place


Highscore is 460800
v-12_tropyx in 1st place (1 other follows)

Jar's Revenge

Highscore is 153925
voodoo_chilly in 1st place (1 other follows)

Jeep Command

Highscore is 44300
spider in 1st place

Jet Bike Simulator

Highscore is 7850
hammerhead in 1st place

Jet Boot Jack

Highscore is 14150
endurion in 1st place (1 other follows)


Highscore is 3300
el_pasi in 1st place

Jr. Pac-Man

Highscore is 38260
el_pasi in 1st place


Highscore is 22270
el_pasi in 1st place

Jump Ninja

Highscore is 2375
el_pasi in 1st place

Jumpman Junior

Highscore is 14925
gameznut in 1st place (3 others follow)

Jungle Hunt

Highscore is 65610
spider in 1st place (1 other follows)

Juno First

Highscore is 111500
mitchfrenzal in 1st place

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