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Lady Bug

Highscore is 51320
mitchfrenzal in 1st place

Last Mission [lastmisn]

Highscore is 98400
gti_bel in 1st place

Legend Of Hero Tonma

Highscore is 183300
metalcandyman in 1st place

Legend of Kage

Highscore is 318500
mitchfrenzal in 1st place (2 others follow)

Legendary Wings

Highscore is 301000
metalcandyman in 1st place

Lightning Fighters

Highscore is 124050
omargeddon in 1st place

Liquid Kids

Highscore is 41410
ralph_wiggum in 1st place (2 others follow)

Lizard Wizard

Highscore is 96400
ralph_wiggum in 1st place

Lock N Chase

Highscore is 11980
omargeddon in 1st place

Lock-On [lockon]

Highscore is 54680
gti_bel in 1st place

Lode Runner

Highscore is 655540
arcadeplayer_abc in 1st place (9 others follow)

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