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Highscores for: My Hero (Master-System)

Ported to the Sega Master System My Hero holds a distinction as being one of the few titles released in the secondary Sega Card format, and it has the box art to prove it. There are a number of differences between the original 1985 Arcade release and 1986 Sega Master System port, including: Defeated henchmen turn into small angels and fly away in the arcade release; on SMS they fly away using the same character model. Shops in the repeating city backdrop are more definable in the Arcade release, with some displaying text (Books, Games, Coffee/Snacks). The color of the sky has been changed from blue to green on SMS. Graphics are noticeably downgraded overall on the SMS. There are currently no known plans by either Nintendo or Sega to make My Hero available as a downloadable title on the Wii Virtual Console at this time.


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    Score: 63480
    Player: gti_bel
    Game info:
    System: Master System II/Region Free/Master Everdrive
    Joystick/Keyboard: Default Megadrive pad
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