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Highscores for: Psi 5 Trading Company (C64)

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    Score: 84700000
    Player: kenzo
    Game info: Full version, 2-sided disk, played mission 3 (hardest/longest)
    System: CCS64 v3.1 on Windows
    Joystick/Keyboard: Regular keyboard
    Comment: Score was "$84.7M". Played without "mapping" the trade route patterns. It's taken decades to get this score. No cheating of any kind. I don't remember my crew selection for certain, but it was probably: Al (great with cannons), Nargo (good enough on info
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    R | kenzo : Crew was probably: Al (great with cannons), Nargo (good enough on info scanners without being slow on track lock), Nik (great on evasive maneuvers, as long as he doesn't get killed by a stray enemy shot to his life support), Fligronk (fast at device modifying, important for balancing power usage in battle), and Bru (good enough at everything, and at least starts the very first repair on her own).

    R | zzap : kenzo thanks for the additional detail included in your scores upload, you have given me a idea for a addition feature, I'll announce in the next update soon. Cheers :)

    R | mitchfrenzal : Good work, I don't even think I have finished this. :)