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Highscores for: Pirates! (C64)

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    Score: 105
    Player: wongojack
    Game info: GB14 version on U1541 II
    System: Breadbin, LCD
    Joystick/Keyboard: Wico Command Control
    Comment: I have no real idea how high a score you can get above 100, but this was a fun career.
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    R | wongojack : I have really been enjoying my 1541 Ultimate for the Commodore 64. Gamebase v14 also recently came out with some incredibly easy to use single disk versions of some great games like Pirates! There are instant load EasyFlash versions too if you have an EF cart or use VICE. I took advantage and managed to get the highest ranking in Pirates! (no trainers or savestates). I'd never done that on the C64 version of what is my absolute favorite game of all time.

    R | mitchfrenzal : If you used the Nostalgia version, It also fixes the bugs too. :) I've done this on the CD32 version, But not this one. :)