Retro Computer Scene is happy to announce.
That we have rolled out the ability to upload, store and organize your Retrocomputer files online! Most retrocomputer image and program files type are supported along with some generic file types. With the addition of the Webdrive to our site you'll be able to upload and access your files from any computer or link to your favorite forum.


Feature feature feature!!
Upload any unencumbered retro computer supported file up to 20 MB in size. You'll have the ability to hotlink your retro computer images and program files in your favorite forum by using the links provided after uploading. (i.e. Documents, Recent releases, Disk images, and Pictures of your retro computer gear). The Webdrive makes it easy to backup your retro computer 8bit files online and share with others in the community "Copyright file's must have the owners permission" and there is a email feature to send your file links to others. As always, we'd love your feedback and if you have any questions, please check out our help pages or email the sysop


How to use our Webdrive with your Flyer Internet Modem C= users only!
Click on the Flyer search filter and Enter the file name to find! it's NOT case sensitive (usually a complete or a partial name of the file you are searching for) in the "Search Bar" and press the "Search" button. Once you have your file in the results simply click 'To Webdrive' and rename the file if necessary. Enter the following command directly into your Commodore 8bit computer with the Flyer attached and turned on. load", d=diskname",7 let break that down a bit load" , this is the load command for the computer and the start of the url where the file is on the net, /public ok it's in the public folder, /yourfilename.d64 the complete file name for your disk image, , d=diskname",7 the diskname you wish to store the file under on your Flyer and the Flyer network device number ,7. The Flyer makes it easy with the help of a online temporary storage like the public area of the cloud.


How to Join our retro computer files Webdrive - register to store your retro computer files.


Donations: help us to build new and maintain our free online services :) donations can be any amount from $5,US in any currency and go towards hosting charges and or coding costs.