How to use our Commodore 8bit Search?
Simply enter the file name to find! Searching is NOT case sensitive (usually a complete or a partial name of the file you are searching for) in the "Search Bar" and press the "Search" button. Then, you get the results. Please note that the search engine does not search the contents of the files, archives or disk images. For example, if you are searching for a file inside a .d64 image you will not find it this way. We, however, are working on bringing you that feature Soon.


How do I add my HTTP or FTP-Site to the search database?
Send an email to with the name of the HTTP or FTP-Site in the body or in the subject of the message. Note: Commodore 8bit Search can now process ''WWW servers'' and FTP-servers that allow anonymous or account protected access and servers with or without domain names (the servers that are not registered in DNS).


Can i share my files with the community and be protected against Spidering and Hot-linking?
Yes and some archives are protected! Should you wish to add files to the index and wish to be protected against Spidering and Hot-linking we can help. How! Setup a password protected account on your FTP server for Commodore 8bit search to index and access your site, then any files found using the search will be upload to our FTP cache and a link will be created for download from there, protecting your network details from being gleamed, only files found via the search will be down-loadable from your site via our FTP Cache protecting your network.


I have found the files I need, but I cannot download them. Why?
There could be several reasons for that: These files were recently removed from the server they were located at, by the owner of the files or by the owner of the server. The server that contains the files has a limit on the maximum number of concurrent users, and the limit has been reached. You can try to download the files later when some users are disconnected. The server where the files are may also be turned off or is not connected to the Internet at the moment.


FTP Mirror''s available at
When we discover a Commodore 8bit FTP site abandoned or temporary unavailable long term, we may place a mirror of the site online or be requested too. Please be on the look out for abandoned Commodore 8bit FTP sites! should you know of a site going offline or have a copy of an abandoned site consider contacting us too make it available too the community again. If your looking too move your Commodore 8bit FTP site contact us and we will do our best too accommodate your site on the server free.


How can we make Commodore 8bit search better?
That's a question we need you to answer! send an email to with feature requests and or feedback. We will add worthwhile features requested and will answer your emails.


Donations: help us to build new and maintain our free online services :) donations can be any amount from $5,US in any currency.