How does the scoring works?

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How does the scoring works?

Tue Aug 20, 2019 5:50 am

Just wandered. Do you get points if you're 2nd, 3rd,....?
Would be fun if so.
And also maybe a good idea that you loose points when you drop a place. This way people are rewarded passing you by and you try to improve your score.
A bit like Video Game Records do or what we had on Yolympics 2019:

e.g. if there are 5 submissions for that game. First place gets 5 points + 5 points bonus (first place).
2nd place gets 4 points + 3 points bonus
and 3rd place gets 3 points + 1 point bonus
4rd just 2 points
and 5th 1

Just some thoughts to attract scoring and attract more gamers.

Keep up the good work.

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Re: How does the scoring works?

Tue Sep 03, 2019 1:14 am

The scores "level" you get at the moment are driven by participation on the site. we will add another level and make some changes to the scoring code and the way we display scores so we can have a participation score and gaming scores.

Your level is made up of "voting on your scores by others and your voting on other players scores, adding scores basically your participation on the site and we will if thats what players want is make changes to the leveling and scores to reflect two separate levels.

Participation leveling.
Voting on scores, Voting on your scores by voting, Commenting on scores both on your and others, Adding scores, Adding extra content, uploading a video of your score and so on.

Competition leveling.
Scores you hold the highest scores on with more than one player from 5 points down to 1 depending on your place in the scores .
Player driven competitions your active in and your placing in the scores these should have a higher score to encourage participation.

This is a direct response to asking for scoring details, player feedback is vital to direct features....

Now this is a quick list of what i think however players need to have their say before we start coding for these changers and make them official we can add more criteria to the leveling and this is were player feedback will help, what more should we add..

The leveling will be retrospect so the changes we make to the leveling will be calculated from past participation and scores directly from the database..

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Re: How does the scoring works?

Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:19 pm

Have a look at the following sites. I like number crunching, but it doesn't have to be so much as the way how those sites do it.
I am sure you know them already ;)

With VGR, you get points (or loose points) depending on your position and on how much people have submitted scores for that game. Even the last place gets points. Which is fair. Certainly when you're competing against tough players.
First 3 get also a cup. Have a look:

I am not very active on CS, but I like the way how they apply score points (the main part). Score points attribution depends on the number of submission and the difference between you and the top player.
So it's nicest feature is that, although you don't move up a spot, you can gain a bit more points because of you posting a slightly better score (but not good enough to surpass the next player).

Just some ideas.

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