CB2 micro KIT - Build your own BASIC color microcomputer within 30 minutes!

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CB2 micro KIT - Build your own BASIC color microcomputer within 30 minutes!

Mon Nov 25, 2019 1:25 pm

You want to build your own BASIC color microcomputer within 30 minutes? You can do it with the CB2 micro KIT. It is easy, quick and cheap!

What is it?
The CB2 micro, is perhaps, the cheapest and easiest to build opensource microcomputer in the world!
You can assemble it within 30 minutes.


- Standalone, no need for a PC to program and display.
- 16 foreground and background colors on TV SCART (PAL/NTSC), pseudographics and composite B/W. HDMI/VGA support with external adapters.
- Sound with envelope and volume adjustment.
- PS/2 keyboard (or suitable USB with adapter), RS232, 2x serial TTL, LPT, 8x A/D inputs and I2C, all BASIC controlled.
- Tiny-BASIC with featured embedded editor, Chip8, SCHIP, 8080 and AVR-native binaries supported.
- 8 programs storage in internal flash, cross programs calls, external flash and EEPROM options.
- Terminal program, color terminal, X-modem transfer, PC connectivity.
- Games, applications and libraries available. Automatic program execute option on boot.
- Easy and quick to assemble, through hole components and cheap!

And much much more to discover yourself on the project website http://cb2.qrp.gr

Why did I make it?
I designed this KIT for people that cannot afford buying a commercial retro computer, but want to have fun with such technology and learn programming in a simple language the BASIC.
It is a KIT so easy to be built, that you can even build it with your kids!
The project is opensource, I have only redesigned the hardware part for this KIT, plus some BASIC applications for it.

What makes it special?
The CB2 micro, is special for a number of reasons:

- It works like an 80s micro but it is much much easier, cheaper and quicker to assemble than these old kits.
- It does not require any PC for it's operation. Just connect it to your TV and a keyboard, and you are ready to go, like the old good times.
- It can be used as a completely self contained microcomputer (eg. running classic games or programs), but also as a standalone automation control system (eg. control sensors with or without a monitor or keyboard attached etc). It can also be used as a measurement instrument for the hobbyist laboratory.
- It can communicate with other devices (eg. control modems, PC communication etc) as it has standard interfaces such as RS-232, UART, LPT, I2C etc.
- It is designed in purpose to be affordable for anyone and easy to build.

I advise you to visit the project website http://cb2.qrp.gr and learn more about the machine and the possibilities that it offers. Extensive documentation has been written there, assembly manual, usage manual, basic reference manual, as well as games and applications listings, hardware extensions etc.

I am sure you will enjoy the project, just as I did!
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