Bug in title causes error

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Bug in title causes error

Sat Aug 17, 2019 6:40 am

I noticed that if you put / in the titles name the scores gets accepted but with an error afterwards.
You can't view it anymore or add new scores in it.
E.g. Ps-1 Ridge Racer
I can solve this by resubmitting the same game title but with a space instead of a /.
But now it shows double posts.

Can you solve this?
May be by automatically replacing all / in the tie by a space.
Not that urgent. Omargeddon and I are aware of it now.
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Re: Bug in title causes error

Wed Aug 28, 2019 7:09 am

In my mind, there are two categories of unusable characters: reserved characters and the rest of them, which I'll call disallowed characters.

Reserved characters are characters used by the file system itself. For example, most Unix file systems separate directories/folders by using a slash ('/'). They don't allow you to use these characters because using them would be stepping on the toes of how the file system itself stores data about filenames. (In regards to the slash, it really has more to do with how the OS delimits paths rather than the file system itself also used in urls.) Other characters are arbitrarily disallowed, usually to avoid confusion. In Windows, those characters include the asterisk('*'), question mark('?'), double quote('"'), less than ('<'), greater than ('>'), and pipe ('|'). While these characters don't mean anything special to the file system itself, they mean special things to the command shell. In order to prevent a user from getting in a confusing situation where a file is named "*.txt" and then running "del *.txt" ends up deleting more files than intended, Windows decided to prevent the user from getting in this situation by preventing the use of those characters in filenames. (Unix systems do not have this restriction.) I suspect that Windows also includes ('/') in this category. It looks like the backslash ('\') directory delimiter, but it's probably avoided because command options are started with a slash, as in "dir /w". File systems also disallows the colon (':'), which has special meaning to the OS. It actually indicates that the name that preceded it is a device.

We will write some code to not allow using them in the upload form to help.. :)


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