The Scores project updates.

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Re: The Scores project updates.

Thu Dec 19, 2019 4:47 am

Pushed some code to add a donations button to the site it's site wide to automate donations and
added a widget to show how the donations are going. Should we add a short out txt for donators?
zap has donated on the 24th july 2019. <--- a example do you have any ideas on how to thanks donators?

Also added a Video Evidence's trophy and will be doing more with that soon.

How the scores are calculated : Feedback is required but this is how it is calculated at the moment.
Prior to recentchanges:
Level: Total scores + total highest scores + times voted on scores
Spirit Points: Times commented + times voted on scores
Karma: Total positive votes from others - total negative votes from others

Changes recently made for video evidence.
Level: Same as above
Spirit Points: Same as above
Karma/Unsullied: Total positive votes from others - total negative votes from others + 5 for each video upload

I know a few player have asked about this and now i can start to make changes i need feedback on how to calculate scores..
All scores are retained just recalculated noting is lost.

Hope you all have a happy xmas :) Opened a new thread for the competitions update to keep this thread tidy.

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