The Flyer Internet Modem FAQ and Information

The Flyer Internet Modem

The Flyer Internet Modem

  • 3.5MB flash memory to store disk images
  • Dimensions - 4 7/8" x 3" x 7/8" (WxDxH)
  • Interfaces - 2 x IEC, 1 x IEEE-488, 1 x Ethernet RJ-45
  • 8 x 2 character backlit display (removable).
  • Power supply - 2.1mm power jack, center positive. 9VDC 1A recommended.
  • Front panel button for easy selection of disks and other options.


Flyer Internet Modem (c) 2013 Retroswitch LLC. All rights reserved.

Flyer Downloads

Commodore 8bit software available to enhance your Flyer by Brandon the creator of the Flyer.

Cloud Server  Download Windows Version - Download OS X Version - Download Linux Version

Flyer Telnet  Download Now (PRG for Commodore 64)


Flyer IRC  Download Now (PRG for Commodore 64) - Download Now (PRG for 80-column PET/CBM)

load"",7 - load"",7

Flyer Disk Manager  Download Now optimised for the Commodore 64 by Gaz.



Flyer User's Guide 1.1       Last update 2/11/2012 - Flyer Quick Start Guide  Last Update 1/2/2012

Flyer Cheat Sheet ver 1.0  Thanks to Marc Honey for this Cheat Sheet!


Quick Commands

Update the Flyer firmware:  load”^:*”,7  -  Run the disk managment:  load”1:diskmgr”,10

Load a program: load””,7  -  Run the configuration program:  load”1:config”,10

How to use our Cloud File Host with your Flyer Modem

Click on the Flyer search filter and Enter the file name to find! the search is not case sensitive (usually a complete or a partial name of the file you are searching for) in the "Search Bar" and press the "Search" button. Once you have your file in the results simply click 'copy to cloud' and rename the file if necessary to a neat sort name ie "pacman1.d64". Enter the following command directly into your Commodore 8bit computer with the Flyer attached and turned on. load", d=diskname",7 let break that down a bit load" , this is the load command for the C= 8bit and the start of the url where the file is on the net, /public/ the folder your files is stored on the net, yourfilename.d64 the complete file name for your disk image, , d=diskname",7 the diskname you wish to store the file under on your Flyer and the Flyer network device number ,7. The Flyer Internet Modem along with the resources of a online temporary storage like the public area of the cloud helps you quickly load the files found using our search engine.


How to configure your Flyer to work with the Commodore 8bit Public Cloud.

Ok let's get started: Turn on your Flyer and then your Commodore 8bit. :)

First lets update your Flyer to the latest firmware. Type load"^:*",7 then return

"The ^ is the arrow up key on your C64"

Type load”1:config”,10 and press Return then press 3 to enter the Cloud config page on your Flyer. Press 3 on your Commodore 8bit to enter the third Cloud setup,  Press 1 and give this cloud a name example: cbm8bit and return, then press 2 and enter your cloud server example: and return, press 3 and set the port to use port 2112 and return, press 4 and enter your user name as flyer and Return, No password is required make sure it's blank. Press 6 to go back then 5 to go back and finally 5 to Quit. Using your multi feature switch select cbm8bit cloud.

Type load"$",7 Return and then list Return you should see the files contained in the public flyer folder. Easy!

Lets download a disk image file Type load"disk:yourfile",7  simply list the files in your cloud folder for a choise of files to download. Now to save a disk image to the cloud save"disk:yourimagename",7 this name must be the current disk on your Flyer LCD screen. Do another list to verify your file has been uploaded. :) load"$",7 Return and type list then Return.

Hope this helps get more from your Flyer.