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The retro computer and consoles scores archive project is a product of months of hard work and patience, now your feedback is required too put the "icing on the cake" we’re thrilled to finally reveal our new project.. Regular monthly competitions are now running. :) Commodore 64 competition games can now be played online using any java enabled browser.

highscoresStingrays YouTube Episode 3.

Featuring a quick mention for the upcoming "FEU" Freedom Expansion Cartridge by Stingray, The Brisbane C64 Night 2018, A few game reviews: Doom on the C64, Loderunner, Mazinger-Z, a little info about the Retro High Scores project and so on.

Stingrays YouTube Episode 3

Contiki BBS 0.3.0 released!

Is out right now and it comes with numerous bug-fixes, enhancements and a complete rewrite of the file i/o code. See the list below including weblinks for a detailed overview of all the changes and additions.

* now runs on SD2IEC devices !! * new, fully re-written file i/o (now uses SEQ files instead of REL files)
* multi-drive support: board and user files can be stored on different drives (e.g. 9 and 10)
* no 6-lines-per-post limit anymore !! (message buffer size is now 4KB (~ 100 lines))
* new message topic (subject) field * messages can now be listed by ID and topic
* dynamic memory allocation of the message buffer * more logging (incl. disk i/o status)
* reworked bbs-setup program (you can now add and list boards) * added neat clolor scheme

Project at sf.net: https://sourceforge.net/projects/contiki-bbs/
D64 image https://sourceforge.net/p/contiki-bbs/code/ci/master/tree/d64/
CSDB Entry: https://csdb.dk/release/?id=16560
Retrohackers forum discussion: http://retrohackers.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=571#p4839

by lodger

linksUpdated !! Retro Computer Scene  Weblinks Updated 2014-09-14!!

Retro Computer Scene Weblinks. A extensive list of online retro computer web sites with useful content, users now have the abilty too submitting their own favorite web sites. Join cbm8bit and add your web-links today.


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