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Highscore is 109890
kernzy in 1st place (3 others follow)


Highscore is 1644700
virtualele in 1st place

Nemesis The Warlock

Highscore is 4350
el_pasi in 1st place

Neptune's Daughters

Highscore is 163229
el_pasi in 1st place (1 other follows)


Highscore is 13385
el_pasi in 1st place

New Zealand Story

Highscore is 48800
el_pasi in 1st place


Highscore is 84310
spider in 1st place

Nibbly '92

Highscore is 18190
endurion in 1st place (1 other follows)


Highscore is 12590
el_pasi in 1st place


Highscore is 8260
hammerhead in 1st place (1 other follows)

Ninja Master

Highscore is 165070
mitchfrenzal in 1st place

No Mercy

Highscore is 46870
spider in 1st place

NOMAD (Ocean)

Highscore is 1585
el_pasi in 1st place

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